Turkey, Cappadocia
The slopes of the hills down the cascade of snow-white in the valley Lykos. At a distance, it seems that the unusual steps that form the baths with bright blue…

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Holidays in Turkey in winter
For many Russians who are accustomed to the summer role of Turkey as an "all-union health resort," the phrase "vacation in Turkey in winter" may sound somewhat strange. Nevertheless, soon,…

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Turkey: a beautiful country for a wonderful holiday
What makes Turkey so attractive to our compatriots? How do our compatriots choose the route for summer holidays in Turkey? Someone flips through advertising publications in Turkey, someone asks colleagues…

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Yacht tour in seven days sailing

This is what I dreamed of all my adult life: a cruise on a yacht. And finally, the dream came true! I had to swim two hundred kilometers along the southwestern coast of Turkey, exploring the ancient cities of the ancient state of Lycia. Having thrown a couple of swimsuits, a bandanna and an evening dress into a travel bag, I set off.

The first day. Oleander adaptation
I got a glimpse of a Turkish bath right after leaving Antalya Airport. It was a terrible summer heat. Larynx burned dry hot air. I wanted to cough and hold my breath at the same time. My classmates who smoked dropped their cigarettes without making a couple of puffs. Having plunged into a minibus called “dolmush”, we went to the Antalya port “Setur Marina”.

The port was already breathing easier. The breeze pleasantly tickled my nostrils, promising incredible adventures. A forest of swaying masts with flowing flags beckoned into the unknown, and my heart beat in anticipation of adventure.

Our two-masted yacht “Regatta” turned out to be a real beauty. Made of teak wood and salted with Mediterranean waters, it exuded a subtle, but very exciting aroma of an experienced “sea wolf”. The proud grotto-and mizzen-mast, it seemed, was just waiting for a conditional signal to fly the sails.

Thoroughly sanded teak planks of the deck were not adapted to defile their shoes, even the most sophisticated ones. It is customary to go on yachts barefoot, and I gladly obeyed this rule, especially since the floor of the lower deck was covered with soft Turkish carpets. On the lower deck, there were eight double cabins. I got a rather spacious, with a wide bed, a picture on the wall depicting sandalwood bent over an abyss, two portholes and a bathroom with a shower. I hurriedly threw things into the locker, and I continued exploring the ship.

On the nose, I found stretched clotheslines and a hammock. Under the bowsprit (safety net), a children’s sandal was dangling, tied by sailors for good luck, something like our horseshoe. From the second deck, the staircase to the roof of the wheelhouse led upwards, which I had mistakenly at first mistaken for the third deck. In addition to the soft lounges, there was another important thing – the steering wheel. Having coped with the temptation to steer, while no one sees, I descended to the stern.

There were several soft sofas and a mahogany table on the spacious stern. Across one of the sofas (!), My classmate, Sergei, was already stretched to the full height of his two-meter height and was doing a loud analysis of sports and pleasure yachts. I tried to slip to the ladder unnoticed, but Sergei, who needed a listener, noticed my maneuver and asked threateningly:

– Do you know where you are?
“At the Regatta,” I quickly replied, waiting for a trick.
– You are in the cockpit, however, like me, – said Sergey. – This is the space behind the cabin. Here we will eat, drink and play the national marine game “mafia”. This is how it should be on a guletta, that is, on a pleasure craft.

While Sergei turned away, adjusting the roller under his head, I managed to reach the ladder and go down to the shore. The departure to the sea was scheduled only for tomorrow, and it was better to get acquainted with the local sights.

On the paths walked plump couples, throwing German phrases. The Germans have long been addicted to sea cruises, and in the summer at Setur Marina it is difficult to charter a yacht. Of course, 60 planes fly from Germany to Antalya every day against … one of our country!

The air was filled with the sweetish smell exuded by blooming oleanders. They grew everywhere where the land was not covered with asphalt. Scarlet and white oleanders masked small port shops and cafes. In the nearest shop I found, I bought a mask with a tube (5,500,000 lire, about $ 10).

The road to the ship lay past a cozy restaurant, covered with ivy. Eastern music came from there and it smelled deliciously of spices. Walk past turned out to be above my strength. After eating shrimp in soy sauce, I went to the “Regatta”. Around the marina, I was overtaken by a bald old man on a bicycle with a pipe sticking out of the trunk, spewing smoke. As it turned out later, thanks to this fumigation, mosquitoes and other bloodsuckers do not fly into the port.

Second day. The beginning of the way
After a light breakfast (scrambled eggs, cheese, pickled olives, boiled sausage, honey, strawberry jam and watermelon) “Regatta” went out to sea. We were to explore the territory of ancient Lycia, that is, the southwestern part of Anatolia, the Teke Yarymadas peninsula. Prior to the first stop in the town of Phaselis and a half hours go at a speed of 10 knots (18 km / h).

The azure water of the port changed to purple in the open sea. The tall keel deftly cut the lambs of the waves, like melted butter. Our group, all 12 people, settled on the loungers on the upper deck, substituting pale backs for the not burning sun. Only professional yachtsman Sergey was pacing back and forth on the roof of the cabin, telling the people the truth.

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